The Rotary Club of

Membership Newsletter
June 12, 2023

President: Kees Boeters
President-Elect: Ron Bolohan
Past President: Jeff Geddes
Treasurer: Reinout von Martels
Secretary: Paul Brown
Sergeant at Arms: David Klatt
Directors:  David Klatt, Brian Pasmore, Ben Van Heeswijk and Bob Wilson
Members: 12
Spouses and Guests: None
Birthdays:  None
Anniversaries:  Warren and Linda Jansen 56 years and Murray and Doris Scoyne 66 years
Meeting Date:   June 12, 2023 at the Anglican Hall.
President Kees opened the meeting at 6:30 pm. After the national anthem, grace and dinner, plus thanking the ACW for the dinner, Kees started the meeting.
Speaker was Murray Scoyne
  • He talked about Rotary and what it has meant to him
  • In Sept. 1971 he joined the Ridgetown Rotary Club, that’s 51+ years ago
  • Doris his Rotary Ann wife has always supported him during his long tenure
  • He has served the club as President, Vice President and Bulletin Editor
  • As well as participating on most of the committees
  • He has accumulated 4 Paul Harris Awards as well Doris has one
  • In 1992 The Ridgetown Rotary Club had 53 active members
  • The standard dress code was business like ex: shirt, tie, jacket
  • There were fines of 10 to 25 cents for many reasons with the amount determined by spinning the penny wheel. Of course, at times members objected
  • Meeting started on time 6:30 p.m. and finished on time 8:00 p.m.
  • Interclub meetings were held and encouraged
  • He was also a Wolf club leader and very active in Scouting
  • There was Bingo on Saturday, Antique shows at the High School
  • Murray mentioned many things that Rotary accomplished during and before his time. Set up of Palliative Care for the community,1950 Arena, 1951 bought the land for the Senior Apartments, 1967 Youth Center, 1974 purchased the Galbraith home that became The Ridgetown Museum, 1980 built the Pavilion in Watson Park and in 1990 the purchase of the first Zamboni for the arena
  • Murray said as he’s aged, his hearing has become a challenge and finds it difficult to hear speakers and hopes that speakers recognize this and assist accordingly
  • He enjoys Rotary and the friendship and of course the meals put on by the Ladies of the Anglican Church
  • At 94 years young he wants to continue participating in future activities with Rotary
  • Lastly he said just a reminder: Service above Self and The Object of Rotary
Kees and Henny attended the Day of Celebration for District 6380 in Troy, Michigan from June 8th to the 10th inclusive. There were 3 projects and 152 members attended. They were most impressed with the event and had a chance to meet President Jennifer Jones who handed out the Presidential citations and had a picture taken.
The peace pole has been ordered and paid for ($867.) delivery is expected in about 8 weeks. There will be 4 languages displayed on the peace pole as well as Braille and Rotary symbol. There is a need to form a committee to get the word out to the community example: involve the Councilors and Mayor.
Car Show committee update:
Ron will circulate a list of duties on which members will indicate their choices
Bob has the paper work (licenses) in hand
Brian is taking care of the signs
Paul and Reinout have secured the prizes
There will be a cleanup of Watson Park scheduled for Saturday morning (July 8th)
The Rotary wheel is not available
Kees mentioned that an inflatable Rotary wheel could be available.
Radio Advertising, Bob made a motion seconded by Reinout with all in favour, that $500. be donated to assist in the cost of the advertising.
The advertising will be a promotional benefit to the car owners, merchants and the public.
RON :Summer Meetings:
The first being the car show on July 9th
The second will be Elke’s Artland at Kent Bridge on July 24th
The third Dinner at Rondeau Joe’s in Erieau on August 14th
The last is an evening at Elaine and Ron’s home on August 21st
Bob and it was moved, second and unanimously approved that $500 be allocated to sponsor a band, that being the club’s donation to East-Kent celebrates event.
Ron will represent Ridgetown Rotary at the Grade 8 on June 28th and High School on June 29th exercises.
Ron suggested that the historical records that are now stored at the Erie street medical equipment room be reviewed during scheduled times to be determined.
As of July 1st, Kees will be an ADG. He discussed the Meet the Governor event on July 13th from 4 to 7 p.m. at the University of Michigan Football Stadium in Ann Arbor, MI
We can have a free bus trip for this event and need about 50 persons from the 6 Chatham clubs.
President Kees asked if there was “Anything for the good of Rotary?”
Kees closed the meeting at 8:15 pm
The next meeting is on June 26th Changing of the board and officers.
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