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Membership Newsletter
Sept 25 , 2023

President: Ron Bolohan
Past President: Kees Boeters
Treasurer: Reinout von Martels
Secretary: Paul Brown
Sergeant at Arms: David Klatt
Directors:  David Klatt, Brian Pasmore, Ben Van Heeswijk and Bob Wilson
Members: 10 plus Beatrice Wasusi Gellion Corteva
Guests: Doris Scoyne and Charlie Mitton
Birthdays:  David K, Oct. 5: Judie W, Oct. 11
Anniversaries: Terry and Mary Jane Youlton, Sept. 22, 67 years
Meeting Date:  Sept. 25, 2023.   After the national anthem, grace and dinner, plus thanking the ACW for the dinner, Ron started the meeting.
1Ron:  Introduction of Guest speaker, Charlie Mitton of Mitton’s Jewellers
  • Charlie is the 5th generation Mitton running the business
  • Charlie is both a graduate goldsmith and Gemologist
  • The business was started in 1897 by Welbury Mitton and his wife Ida
  • At that time they sold jewellery, tea sets, silver flat ware and china, made pocket watches as well as doing optometry
  • Now, the business does 90% of its work in setting and repairing jewellery as well as selling their large selection of inventory
  • The original store was where the former Seniors’ Centre was, but moved to its present location after few years
  • Charlie briefly went through the various generations of the Mittons who have own the store
  • Diamonds are all classified by the 4 “C”s
  • Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight
  • Craig went through each one and how they are classified, giving us all a pamphlet that laid out all of the details
  • A 1 carat diamond is the most common size purchased for engagement and wedding rings
  • Lab grown diamonds started to come out in the 1950s, with General Electric producing the first in 1952
  • The first gem quality lab produced came out in the 1970s
  • A great many gem produced ones are uses for industrial purposes
  • High pressure, high temperature (HPHT) is one of the primary methods to grow diamond in the lab
  • They are large, clean cut diamonds and have shaken up the diamond industry
  • More and more companies are producing these diamonds that sell for much less than natural diamonds
  • A lab grown diamond sells for about 40-50% the cost of a natural mined one
  • Canada now has a large natural diamond industry with each diamond having a microscopic registration number lasered on it, as is the case with lab produced diamonds
  • China is one of the countries producing large quantities of lab grown diamonds.
  • Charlie had a display of diamonds as well as some pocket watches from the early years with “Mittons” on the face of the watch
  • Charlie answered several questions and this was certainly a very informative and entertaining presentation and we thanked Charlie for coming to our meeting
2.  Ron:  Peace pole dedication, October 18th, 10:00 am
  • Paul has invited students from the 3 schools to join us
  • There will be a Directors’ meeting with the new District Governor at the Anglican Church Hall after the Peace Pole Dedication
3.  Ron: Governor visit October 16th
  • Joint fun night at Dresden’s club with Dresden, Blenheim, Ridgetown participating
  • Trivia quiz will take place between teams     
  • There will be a pumpkin decorating contest (not carving)
  • Spouses/partners invited
  • Carpooling will be planned
  • Please let President Ron know of your intentions of attending by Oct 9th, especially for the food.
4.  Ron/Paul:   Corn stalks
  • Saturday, Oct 7, 2023
  • All is confirmed at Boonzauer’s, at 9:00 am.
  • Paul went to Boonhauzer”s to confirm date and the time
  • Coffee and donuts at Pinnell’s after cutting the stalks before putting them up along Main St
5.  Ron: Polio Plus project
  • Week of Oct 23rd
  • Ben has agreed to doing the donuts sometime during that time
  • He will need help when doing them
6.  Ron: President Elect and Club Future discussion (upcoming meeting Oct 30, 2023)
1. A letter from Shelly Vergeer, Systems Navigator/Health Promoter for the West Elgin Community Health Centre
  • A client, who is from Ridgetown, needs hearing aids
  • The Government Assistive Devices program is providing $1000 of the $5000 cost
  • She is asking our club plus other service clubs and other organizations for assistance
  • This matter will be discussed at the next Directors’ meeting
Committees:    None
President Ron asked if there was “Anything for the good of Rotary?”
Ron closed the meeting at 7:47 pm.
The next regular meeting is on Oct. 30th, at Anglican Parish Hall

l-r: Charlie Mitton, Ron Bolohan, Ridgetown Rotary President
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