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Membership Newsletter
Jan 02 , 2023

President: Kees Boeters
President-Elect: Ron Bolohan
Past President: Jeff Geddes
Treasurer: Reinout von Martels
Secretary: Paul Brown
Sergeant at Arms: David Klatt
Directors:  David Klatt, Brian Pasmore, Ben Van Heeswijk and Bob Wilson
Members: 14
Spouses and Guests: Harry Joyce
Birthdays:   1 Brian Pasmore Dec 10
Anniversaries: 0
Meeting Date: Jan 02 2023  6:30 pm at the Anglican Hall.
President Kees opened the meeting at 6:30 pm. After the national anthem, grace, and dinner, plus thanking the ACW for the dinner, Kees started the meeting.
1. Jeff: Memorial for OPP Constable Grzegorz Pierzchala, 28 years old
  • Jeff asked for 30 seconds of silence for Const. Pierzchala
  • He was ambushed and shot on his first shift on his own
  • Jeff said that on every shift, all police officers, in all police forces, know that there is a chance that could face perilous circumstances and possibly death
  • The shooter was out on bail for serious charges of serious gun offenses and was not allowed to have firearms
  • This incident was preventable, but the Gov’t is changing the rules for the worse
  • He urges us that the next time we vote, do not support a gov’t that is changing the rules, not in favor of those who are being charged
2. Reinout: Guest Speaker, Harry Joyce, a sales representative with CFIB (Canadian Federation of Independent Business)
  • Before introducing Harry, Reinout started out by saying that 2022 was a tumultuous year
  • The CFIB is a non-profit organization working for farms and small businesses across Canada, with about 120000 members, giving their members clout
  • Harry told us that he grew up in London, where at one time his father was the biggest country music promoter in N. America, which meant that he got to meet many stars at that time, such as Chuck Berry
  • He then lived in Bothwell, where he owned a donut shop and was a member of the CFIB
  • When he sold his shop, he went to work for the CFIB
  • COVID was really hard on small businesses, with many forced to close
  • He told several stories about how things have changed over the years
  • The CFIB meets with governments all across Canada to try to get them to make changes that will be for the benefit of small businesses and average citizens
  • Sometimes they listen, sometimes they do not
  • CFIB continually surveys its members to see what they can do for small businesses and farmers
  • Their most important issue right now is the Carbon tax and the upcoming gas tax
  • He also discussed how the HST affects things like local hockey and other sports
  • He finished by saying how happy he is to live in Ridgetown, where folks know each other and are friendly, it is much cleaner and a better place to live
  • He was thanked by Dave K and will sign 3 of the labels for our donated books for St. Michael Separate School
3. Kees: Fundraiser discussion re a pancake breakfast with the scouts in Feb. or March at the Scout hut
  • We need a fundraiser besides the scrap steel
  • We would call this the Maple Syrup Breakfast or something similar
  • Further discussion will follow
4. Kees/Ron: Discussion re the Board for 2023-2024 and 2024-25 President
  • Ron discussed how we need to fill the president’s position for 2024-25
  • He discussed several options, which would be for the president for a year, including having two members sharing the position on a schedule they would work out
  • The position involves going to PETS training in Michigan as well as a few other district meetings
  • Kees’ presidency expires  at the end of June 2023 and Ron in 2024
1. Paul: Adventures in Citizenship
  • We have been registered, #78
  • They are willing to accept more than one student if we can find one, although that starts to get expensive with the travel costs added on to the $730 registration fee
  • There is a video in the original package that Paul will send to all members.
Other: Henny showed us a Circular Stained Glass for Cathy Schipper
  • Features Bees and was done by Adam Frazee
  • It was done in appreciation of all John’s volunteer work with our club
Correspondence: None
President Kees asked if there was “Anything for the good of Rotary?”
Kees closed the meeting at 8:10 pm.
The next meeting is on Jan. 16, 2023.
l-r: Harry Joyce, Reinout von Martels, Kees Boeters
Present for Cathy Schippers

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