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Membership Newsletter
July 24 , 2023

2023 2024
President: Ron Bolohan
Past President: Kees Boeters
Treasurer: Reinout von Martels
Secretary: Paul Brown
Sergeant at Arms: David Klatt
Directors:  David Klatt, Brian Pasmore, Ben Van Heeswijk and Bob Wilson
Members: 11 (for the dinner only)
Spouses and Guests: Elaine B., Angela B., Glenda P., Doris S., Carla V., Beatrice Wausi Gellion Corteva (for the dinner only)
Birthdays:   Will be done at the next meeting
Anniversaries: Will be done at the next meeting
Meeting Date:   July 24, 2023 at Station 11 restaurant and then at the Elka’s Magical Artland in Kent Bridge
President Ron opened the meeting at 5:30 pm. After the toast, grace, dinner and thanking Station 11 for the dinner, Ron started the meeting.
1.  Short discussion of birthdays and anniversaries, plus correspondence and then carpooling to Elka’s Magical Artland in Kent Bridge, just north of Highway 2, on the left before the railway tracks
  • We got to look around the art gallery: it is amazing
  • Elizabeth Kawala gave us a short talk about her history once she came to Canada
  • She came to Toronto 30 years ago with her husband and their two children from Communist Poland
  • She lived in Mississauga for 20 years and was part of the Polish Canadian Women’s Artist group
  • Over those 20 years, she did over 4000 paintings, often getting up at 5:00 am and going to bed at 2:30 am the next day
  • They moved to London, where she  was the President of the Polish Women’s Federation in London
  • She and her second husband (her first husband passed away) purchased the church in Kent Bridge 5 years ago, where she now has the art gallery.
  • It took a lot of work to repair the roof, and fix much of what was the church hall
  • They have also redone the whole lower level of the church into their kitchen and the bathroom with wonderful counter tops, shower and bathroom and other areas
  • One level down is where they have their bedrooms.
  • The whole building is now full of unbelievable artwork and decorations on the walls  floors and ceilings
  • All of the artwork and furniture etc are covered in acrylic, which gives it a great covering for indoor or out
  • Several members purchased pieces of Elka’s art
  • The gallery is open Friday-Sunday
  • 1-519-281-3024,
Correspondence  None
Committees:    None
President Ron asked if there was “Anything for the good of Rotary?”
Ron closed the meeting at 8:00 pm
  • The next meeting is on Aug 14, 2023 at Rondeau Joe’s (just outside the Rondeau Park gates) followed by a tour of Sheep Dog Animation at New Scotland located on Kent Road 15 as we return from Rondeau Joe’s.
Front Sign at the Magic Art Land in Kent Bridge
A view of part of the gallery
Artist Elizabeth Kawala and Rotary President Ron Bolohan
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